Release Parties for Garbage In, Gospel Out - Joshua Tree & Los Angeles

My New Novella

Out Now!
Garbage In, Gospel Out
by Jean-Paul L. Garnier
The End Times are upon us, again. Frank Johnson is a falsifier of reports for the Bureau. Management is concerned that Frank is coming too close to the truth for his own good. The battle between experience and vicariousness has begun and leaving the planet may be the only option for Company Men and the upper echelons of society. But are the End Times real if they have already happened?
"With dry wit and realistically-baffled characters from the glum and anxious working world, Jean-Paul L. Garnier puts a truly fantastic device in the hands of a nervous and guilt-ridden Everyman. It's a deadpan Late Capitalism take on Philip K. Dick's mix of mundane bureaucracy and religious epiphany, and it's a great read."

Desert Oracle Radio interview released as podcast

In case you missed it live on the radio here's a link to my interview about time travel on Desert Oracle Radio. Interview conducted by Ken Layne with music by RedBlueBlackSilver.

Future Anthropology Nominated for the Elgin Award

It is a great honor that Future Anthropology has been nominated for the Elgin Award. If you are an SFPA member please consider downloading and voting. If you haven't read any speculative poetry give it a try, and if you write speculative poetry and aren't a member of the SFPA yet you should consider joining. Details here: